Turf Care: Lawn Maintenance Tips

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Soil Preparation: This process will allow the grass roots to grow deep, soak up all the nutrients of the soil and retain more moisture. Learn how to prepare your soil for sod.

Sod Installation: A lot goes into installing your freshly cut sod, from knowing when to install the sprinkler system to how to trim and roll your sod. Get sod installation tips from the experts.

Seeding: Not in a hurry? Grow your lawn from grass seeds. Use this inexpensive method to transform a worn down lawn or a new lawn area. Get step-by-step instructions on how to turn grass seed into a gorgeous green lawn.

Fertilizing: Enhance the color, hardiness and vibrancy of your lawn with proper fertilization.
This article is lawn fertilizing 101. Learn about fertilizer and how to apply it for a beautiful lawn.

Watering: Watering your new lawn regularly and for enough time is essential to having a lush and healthy lawn. Follow the lawn watering guide for best results.