Dwarf Fescue


Under 999 sq. ft. = $0.72 / sq. ft.
Over 1000 sq. ft. = $0.68 / sq. ft.


Minimum Delivery order 480 sq. ft.

  • 480-960 sq/ft = $150
  • 960+ sq/ft = $125

Delivery takes 2-3 days, expedite options available.

Dwarf Fescue is our number one most requested sod grass, that provides beautiful even texture and great durability. Perfect for residential and commercial landscapes.

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Dwarf Fescue Features:

Dwarf Fescue is a blend of the latest improved, Dwarf fescue varieties. It’s slightly finer texture is very similar to our Endurance sod in it’s durability, year round deep green color, and increased hardiness. Dwarf Fescue is highly drought, heat, and wear tolerant turf with better resistance to most common fungus problems. Sierra’s Dwarf Fescue, has shown excellent results in full sun and moderate shade Dwarf Fescue is deeper rooted, is tolerant of most soil types, and has a lower fertility requirement. This makes Dwarf Fescue an excellent choice for lower maintenance turf areas such as playgrounds, schools, athletic fields, commercial installations and home lawns with increased traffic.


  • Moderate
  • Even Texture
  • Even Growing

Recommended Uses:

  • Front Yard
  • High Traffic Back Yard
  • Commercial Landscapes

Lawn Maintenance:

  • Drought Tolerant
  • Slow Growth Habit
  • Good Durability
  • Requires Fertilization every 4-8 weeks

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