Dwarf Fescue Blue


Under 999 sq. ft. = $0.72 / sq. ft.
Over 1000 sq. ft. = $0.68 / sq. ft.

Minimum Delivery order 480 sq. ft.

  • 480-960 sq/ft = $150
  • 960+ sq/ft = $125

Delivery takes 2-3 days, expedite options available.

Dwarf Fescue Blue is a mix of dwarf fescue and Kentucky bluegrass. Easy to grow and maintain, highly adaptable and fast growing.

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Dwarf Fescue Blue Sod Features:

Dwarf Fescue Blue is SodPricing.com’s blend of turf-type tall fescue and our Kentucky bluegrass mix. Dwarf Fescue Blue combines the drought, heat, shade, and wear tolerances of tall fescue with the heavy, root rhizome qualities of bluegrass; which improves the turfs recoverability from foot traffic while providing a dark green color and excellent turf texture. Dwarf Fescue Blue has a deeper, denser root system and requires less frequent irrigation, it also has the ability to penetrate compacted soils. Turf-type tall fescue has better resistance to fungus problems such as leaf-spot, rust, and fusarium roseum and can tolerate soil salinity more than other cool season grasses. Endurance is an exceptional choice for industrial /commercial installations, residential homes, parks and playfields with foot traffic on a continuous basis. It has the ability to fill in divots on worn areas.


  • Moderate

Recommended Uses:

  • Front Yard
  • Back Yard
  • Commercial Landscapes
  • Athletic Fields

Lawn Maintenance:

  • Very Durable
  • Vibrant Green Color Year Round
  • Disease Tolerant (due to its extensive root system)
  • Requires Less Water and Less Fertilizer than Blue Rye

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